When I woke up the morning of July 31st, I was so excited! To be completely honest with you guys, the main reason why we went to the Bahamas was... because I wanted to go to Pig Beach. Which is kind of a bucket list thing. And because of that, Jess had booked the trip to the Exuma’s in advance. Almost two months to be precise. Or at least that's what we thought.

Apparently it's supposed to be easier and better to book the trip via the hotel and then they will fix everything. So that’s what we did, and Jess called several times to make sure everything was ok. But when we spoke to the concierge at our hotel on the 31st, she couldn't find anything about the booking in their system, and apparently the guy that Jess spoke to was on vacation. It was late in the evening and impossible to get hold of anyone from Exuma Escapes, so the concierge recommended us to just show up early and see if they had our reservation. And yes, they were fully booked for the whole week, so this was actually our only chance.

On the day of the excursion, we went to the port on Paradise Island almost an hour early. You know, just in case. When the guy from Exuma Escapes arrived, we told him the whole story about the booking and the hotel. Unfortunately, he could confirm that they had no information about us at all, and that the guy from the hotel had screwed up. So Jess asked, "then what's the solution?" and he said, "there is no solution". He told us to wait there and see, in case someone didn't show up, but it was very unlikely. Jess started to look for other solutions or other company’s to go with, but I kept telling her that everything was going to be ok because deep inside I knew that one way or the other - we were going on that boat!

After what felt like forever, the guy told us that some how, two people from a group of five did not show up, and that we could join them on the excursion. He said we were really lucky, because that had never happened before. I guess we were!

The trip was supposed to take nine hours, and started with a long and bumpy boat ride. Jess and I sat in the front of the boat on beanbags. As soon as we got used to the waves, we both ended up falling asleep. The first stop was to feed the Bahamian Rock Iguanas and after that, we finally arrived at Big Major Cay, also known as Pig Beach. The pigs were so cute! After almost an hour of petting and feeding the pigs, we hopped on the boat again to go to the last stop of the trip, Staniel Cay Yacht Club. The views were breathtaking! I wish I could stay there forever.

We had a delicious lunch and some time to relax, and then it was time to swim with the nursing sharks. I'm surprised, but this was actually my favorite part of the whole trip! Being in the water with so many sharks was amazing, even when some stingrays showed up. I guess they were hungry too. I'm glad I managed to stay calm even though the staff kept yelling, "whatever you do, don't step on the stingrays"!

On our way back, we had some trouble with the engine, and had to stop at the nearest island to get it fixed. Guess who's island it was?! That's correct, Johnny Depp's private island, an island in the middle of paradise. With sapphire-blue water as far as the eye can see and a perfect white sand beach. We were definitely lucky again.

I feel like all of the "bad" things that happened on our vacation only led to better things happening and so many fun moments and experiences.


To be continued...