Those who say, "paradise isn't a place, it's a feeling" clearly hasn't been to the Bahamas yet!

Finally, the day had come. We were going to the Bahamas! We had an early flight from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas on the 31st of July. I felt like a zombie when the alarm on my phone went off at 4am.. both the coffee and oatmeal saved the day! We had to drop off the rental car at the airport in Fort Lauderdale and take an Uber to the airport in Miami and to be honest I always get a bit stressed when I'm travelling. I hate being late so I usually end up being at the airport way too early haha. But everything went according to the plan and the timing was perfect.

After a short flight of only 55 minutes, we landed in paradise! We immediately felt the Caribbean vibe, with a live band playing Bahamian music at the airport. How often do you see that? My first impression of the Bahamas was really good. I have never met such kind, warm and friendly people before, and that applies to everyone on the island. I must admit that I was a bit surprised when we stepped outside the airport, it kind of felt like we went back 20 - 30 years in time, because everything seemed so old, almost antique. Even the taxis were super old and we had to wait like forever to find one that had the right equipment for card payments.

Both Jess and I laughed our way to the hotel when the cab driver said welcome to a third world county, the best method of payment for sure was cash. And like good tourist that we are, we forgot to take out cash.. Quick tip, If you're planning on going to the Bahamas, I highly recommend that you pay cash to avoid extra transaction fees and spare them for unnecessary work. Their electronic equipment isn't exactly the same as in US or Europe..

We stayed at the British Colonial Hilton Hotel, located down town Nassau, just a few minutes away from the touristy Paradise Island. We checked in early and were super excited to see our room. We were a bit disappointed that it was on the second floor, but the disappointment could not be compared to the feeling we had when the bellhop opened the door to our room. It looked like a prison cell with a peep hole of a window, not exactly what we had in mind when we booked a room with a "view" and definitely nothing like the pictures on their website. Luckily, Jessica is not afraid of speaking her mind, and thanks to a very helpful and understanding bellhop (which by the way totally agreed with us on the disappointing room) we got a better room on a different floor, with a much better view and lots of windows.

We spent the afternoon at the hotel's private beach getting some tan. Didn't get much of that in Fort Lauderdale so it was about time. After a few hours we went for a walk to check out the area near the hotel. The British Colonial Hilton Hotel is super central down town and everything is in walking distance. Apparently all the stores down town close around 5 or 6 pm, and we missed their opening hours the first three days haha. We had dinner at the Lukka Kairi restaurant with amazing Bahamian food on their menu and tried the "catch of the day". It was amazing! Plantain crusted mahimahi, balsamic coconut sauce and mofongo. So good! Check out their website HERE.

We went to bed at night, looking forward to waking up early and go to the Exuma’s.. Little did we know that the next day would turn out a lot different than we had expected. It really helped that we were both very open to what ever will come our way, when there was challenges facing us, we always took it as a sign of something better coming our way. Mind you, if we did not look at things this way, things could’ve been catastrophic. Fortunately, the mishaps only enhanced our trip and added on more memories.

To be continued...