FLORIDA PART 1 - Fort Lauderdale

Where to start??? Ok, let me start by giving myself a pat on the back, for this being my very first blog post in…ENGLISH! Yes, it’s my first, but definitely not my last. What can I say, after my trip to the states I came back more motivated and inspired than ever to share my experiences with all of my fellow readers. And what better way to describe my trip than in English.

But before I continue with this story about my journey to South Florida there are some things I want to elaborate on…here goes nothing: First of all, always check the weight of your luggage before you leave home, don't fill up the largest suitcase you can find, and no you don't need 7 pairs of shoes haha, just a reminder for myself for my next trip to Florida. My suitcase ended up being 1,5 kg (3,3 lbs.) overweight when I checked in at Oslo Airport. Luckily, they let me go through the premium check-in so they didn't mention the weight, but I guess that means no room for shopping (Disappointment).

I went on this trip with my good friend Jessica that I've known for a little over 2 years now. We started talking about this trip in March, and in the beginning we were planning on only going to Miami. After taking a close look at the map of North America, I realized that Bahamas was actually super close. Without thinking twice about it, we decided to book a flight over there as well. So the itinerary ended up looking something like this: Oslo - Fort Lauderdale - Bahamas - Miami - Oslo.

With a lot of empty gaps in between to fill in, we wanted to keep our options open and not make too many plans for the trip. That's how the best stories and memories are made. Just enjoy every day and see what happens, and we were right! Everyday was a new, fun and crazy experience. To be honest I did not know what to expect, but I knew I didn't want to do the typical tourist stuff. Luckily, the moment I stepped outside the airport in Fort Lauderdale, I felt like I got to experience the local lifestyle, and it stayed that way for the rest of the trip. Oh btw, I almost questioned myself if I arrived to the right country once I landed in South Florida. I thought I needed to freshen up on my English, but I was wrong; I should’ve practiced a little more on my Spanish. Everyone speaks Spanish...

Jess picked me up at the airport on Friday July 28th, in a super cute Beetle Convertible and we went straight to her cousin’s apartment where we stayed for three nights. I feel like the time went so fast and we didn't get to do much, but at least we got some time to check out the city through the eyes of a local. We were fortunate that Jess’s cousin, Justin lives in Plantation, which the location is very central and only a few minutes away from the most important destinations in Fort Lauderdale. We were close to the Hollywood airport, Las Olas local beach, and top-notch restaurants, shopping strips and local bars. Needless to say, I felt like I was at home away from home. I was not only getting to know the locals in a foreign country, but I was also starting to get to know more of myself.

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To be continued...

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